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Gomenl Family180 card

Card can enjoy the following benefits

Day 180 members, half a year can buy any goods in Holland America sinks.
International Freight waiver,When clearing, the freight is automatically exempted and the daily consumption is no more than that of the European local customers.
Just daily 0.4 Euro,It's not enough to buy a loaf of bread, but can you let the crazy shopping spree in Europe Hui mei!

Gomenl Family
180 card Limited promotional price

72Euro Convert to RMB about540!
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Gomenl Family365 card

Card can enjoy the following benefits

365 days a year membership, can be arbitrary in Holland America exchange to buy anything
International Freight waiverAutomatically exempt freight settlement, and make the daily life of local consumers in Europe, no fake and shoddy goods problems, let the family basic necessities of life, can be the same local and European consumers, access to quality and ease.
Just daily0.3 Euro,Not take a subway, but from now on.

Gomenl Family
356 card Limited promotional price

109Euro Convert to RMB about820!
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*Reminder:According to the rules of China customs clearance reasonable use of the Family Card, Holland America customer purchase order for each commodity single product purchase amount of up to more than 10.

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